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Thank you for your interest in employment with PROSOFT. This page will answer many of your questions about the process.

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The recruitment, testing and hiring of all personnel will be without discrimination against any individual with regard to race, color, religion, gender, or national origin. Attempts will be made to contact known sources of minority and women potential applicants so as to maximize the participation of such applicants.

Our Hiring Process


You may submit a resume to PROSOFT without specifying a particular job. However, applying specifically for one or more positions ensures prompt review and consideration, because your resume is sent within hours to the recruiter responsible for that position.

An online submission of your resume will be acknowledged on screen. Resumes submitted by other means will be acknowledged by e-mail or postcard. Your profile and resume will remain active in our system—which is regularly searched by PROSOFT recruiters—so you may be considered for future openings that match your qualifications. However, if you desire, we will honor your request for removal from further consideration.


From the time of your application to our hiring decision, our employment process can take from three weeks to three months. Because the timing can be unpredictable, you should let your HR recruiter know about any factors affecting your availability. If you have questions prior to being contacted by HR, you can use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of our Web page. Candidates who get to the interview stage will be notified if the position is filled by another applicant.

Preliminary screening

A designated recruiter reviews the qualifications of all candidates seeking consideration for a position and forwards the resumes of the most appropriately qualified candidates to the hiring manager. The hiring manager selects the candidates to be interviewed. To help align your interests with our opportunities, a PROSOFT representative may call you to ask for additional information, such as depth of technical/professional knowledge, availability for interviews, interest in relocation, salary expectations, etc.

Background checks

If we are considering you for a job offer, we will conduct a background check that covers your employment history, references, educational qualifications, etc.


If you are selected for the position and the background check is satisfactory, HR will mail two original offer letters in addition to sending an electronic copy via email. Offer acceptance should be received via email and followed by a signed original.

Hire and orientation

After you accept the offer, we will discuss and determine your start date. New employees should contact HR to schedule a New Hire Orientation.